Cosmic Construction on Proxima B

by Fungus Hill

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voltagespike It's so far ahead of it's time yet the guitar sound is a forgotten 70 Rock tone. It's like I'm actually on my way to Proxima B. We all know the earth is toast, had to buy it for the journey, did you?
Doomspin thumbnail
Doomspin Love the trippy phsyc sound you have created here. Imaginative and musically delicious! I’m a child of the 70’s and this album takes me back while also being new and hip. Favorite track: My Delusion.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky Fungus Hill takes us on a conceptual journey through progressive stoner jams and wasted hippy blues. It takes a while to hit its full groove so buckle up, strap your helmet, and prepare for an all out assault of cosmic psychedelia.
bigbigbig thumbnail
bigbigbig Absolutely tremendous album ! Favorite track: Voyage to Proxima B.
entreri thumbnail
entreri This album is beautiful, raw, inspiring, and musically genius. I love the groovy, laid back, and at times emotionally gripping sound you have created. The whole album is a masterpiece and resonates with me. I get shivers listening to it. I love the experimentation. Favorite track: Dandelion Mind.
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released March 12, 2018


all rights reserved



Fungus Hill Umeå, Sweden

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Track Name: Year 2199
The year is 2199. The planet known as Earth no longer sustain any of their previous lifeforms. It is a desert planet, filled with radiation and toxic gasses. The remaining 350000 people of the human race has been in hiding inside the earth for 43 years. In a last desperate hope to save their race they have constructed an awesome rocket ship which will take them to a new planet in another solar system. Planet Proxema Centauri B. The ship can only hold approximately 2500 passengers. So the council of radical decisions will choose the individuals worthy of leaving earth to form the new era of humans. This new era will be a better era, where people are stronger, smarter and more capable to take on the burden of life on a foreign planet. Once we have reached our new home world, the work will begin to Terraform the planet to better fit the life of humans. This massive project and will go under the name, Cosmic construction on Proxima B.
Track Name: Voyage to Proxima B
I am sure that I will go to heaven,
lights of holy judge my heathan life.
Now I wish that we could stay together,
but I must go so I will leave it all behind.

This is your captain speaking. The preparations for our intergalactic emigration are now finally complete, and I welcome you aboard the ship which will take us to our new home, planet Proxima Centauri B. The complete distance to our destination is approximately 4,24 light years long, and will take our interstellar vessel about 11 year and 5 months to reach traveling at 127000 kilometers a second. Now fasten your seat belt and get ready for lift off. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

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